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** An Appliance is defined as a piece of equipment that uses/consumes LPG to perform a specific function.

*** Category D members are offered a waived fee for the first year with the benefits of an observer member.

Full fees applicable after one year . Promotion applies only to new members.

By submitting this application form, I confirm that I represent the company / organisation requesting membership (hereafter referred to as the MEMBER ORGANISATION). I apply for membership of the World LPG Association (hereafter referred to as WLPGA) and agree to adhere to the WLPGA Statutes and Code of Conduct. I understand that the annual membership fee may change subject to decision of the annual general assembly. I further understand that membership renews automatically each year unless cancelled by resignation in writing in advance of the membership year or is otherwise revoked by the Board of Directors. Resignations submitted during a calendar year shall not exempt the MEMBER ORGANISATION from paying the membership fee for that year or any outstanding amount. This membership application constitutes a contract between the WLPGA and the MEMBER ORGANISATION as further governed by the WLPGA Statutes.

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Your membership application will be analysed to ensure that all membership criteria are met.

After approval, a membership contract will be sent.

Once the contract is signed, including the Code of Conduct, we would love to welcome you amongst our members.

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