about LPG Day

7th June

LPG Day is our annual global awareness day to celebrate LPG around the world to raise awareness of LPG benefits with people beyond our own industry.

It’s a day for the LPG industry and everyone worldwide to showcase LPG as a versatile and exceptional energy that improves the lives of millions of people worldwide 🌍

Each year, on 7th June, our industry unites to celebrate LPG Day.

LPG Day 2023 – Wednesday 7th June

This year, we want to focus our LPG Day efforts on showcasing and celebrating the people behind LPG.

This means anyone who is working in the LPG industry including our partners, customers, friends and the wider energy community.

Save the date!

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The WLPGA will be sharing a range of content in advance of LPG Day, as well as on the day itself (Wednesday 7th June), make sure you’re following the relevant WLPGA channels so you can see, share the latest #LPGday updates and join the conversation on all social media platforms. Help us spread the word.

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The official social media hashtag for the day is #LPGday. Join the LPG Day conversation, included the official hashtag across in any content you share on social media.

Best additional hashtags to use on social media:

  • #LPG
  • #ExceptionalEnergy
  • #AlternativeFuel
  • #Autogas
  • #CookingFuel
  • #Energy
  • #EnergyTransition
  • #NetZero
  • #Propane


Everyone is welcome to celebrate LPG Day! Below are some simple ideas, message suggestions and customisable visuals on how to celebrate LPG Day at work, at home and participate online by joining the global conversation. We welcome you to share your message far and wide using email, messaging app, website, newsletter, social media or maybe even on your local radio. We are inviting everyone to demonstrate their creativity with fun ideas!

LPG Day sign

Create an LPG Day sign with colleagues, take a photo in front of a local landmark!

Proud to work…

Explain why you are proud to work in the LPG industry


Organise events to raise awareness of the uses and benefits of LPG, create info posters

Encourage others!

Share how you will be celebrating LPG Day & encourage others

Explore with LPG

Find and share photos of people using LPG around the world

Personal video

Record a personal “Happy LPG Day!” video. Share your LPG story.


Use our customisable graphics templates in the Social Media Toolkit to adapt a visual with your own message, photo or logo.

  • Create your own template on slides 7 and 8 of the Social Media Toolkit here – you can modify the text in the slide, click left to replace the image if you wish and register it as a JPEG or PNG.
  • Help us spread the word

We celebrate #LPGday each year to raise awareness around #LPG & increase the visibility of the benefits of this exceptional energy❤️

Get creative & help spread the word by sharing your exceptional LPG stories using the #LPGday hashtag on Wednesday 7th June👉bit.ly/LPGday


  • Participate on LPG day

Happy #LPGday!

#DidYouKnow hundreds of millions of people use #LPG & rely on it for thousands of applications; in transportation, farming, cooking, heating & emergency crisis? 🚍🏡🧑‍🌾🧑‍🍳🧑‍🏭👷‍♀‍

Find out more about the benefits of LPG this #LPGday 👉http://bit.ly/33vyKzF



Looking for more information or inspiration?

More general information about LPG also available on our website: