Statistical Review of Global LPG 2020

The WLPGA 2020 Statistical Review of Global LPG includes detailed supply demand figures for over 120 countries. Supply data is broken down into source (refinery and gas processing) and includes export and import figures for each country. LPG demand data includes a breakdown by country and by sector – domestic, agriculture, industry, transport (Autogas), refinery use and chemicals. There is also a forecast projection with estimated figures for the next decade.

The Statistical Review of Global LPG 2020 is available and will be circulated shortly and free of charge to each WLPGA member representative. Non members may purchase a copy of the Statistical Review from Argus Media by contacting David Appleton on or by joining the WLPGA, you can contact Audrey Ginsz on to get all information.

For more information contact David Tyler on