21 October 2008

World LP Gas Forum 2008 in Seoul 24-26 September

The 21st World LP Gas Forum kicked off in Seoul, Korea on 24th September at the prestigious COEX Convention and Exhibition Centre.


LP Gas: Clean Energy For a Low Carbon World  Ian Noble, Senior Climate Change Specialist, World Bank Lon Greenberg James Rockall M.-N. Lee, J.-H. Lee, J.-S. Jung The 21st World LP Gas Forum – a key LP Gas industry event brings together hundreds of delegates including senior executives, government officials and inter-governmental representatives from more than 50 countries around the world each year - kicked off in Seoul, Korea on 24th September at the prestigious COEX Convention and Exhibition Centre. “LP Gas – Clean Energy for a Low Carbon World” was the chosen theme for this year’s forum and industry representatives and experts pointed out that the fuel’s emissions are only 85% of gasoline’s, on average. The combined carbon dioxide emissions for LP Gas from its production to its consumption are equal to 83% of diesel’s emissions, 85% of gasoline’s and 46% of electricity’s.  Ian Noble, Senior Climate Change Specialist at the World Bank, opening day keynote speaker described climate change and said that LP Gas could help reverse the effects of climate change. Opening speeches were given by James Rockall, Managing Director, WLPGA, Jin-Sung Jung, Chairman of the National Organising Committee, Korea, Lon Greenberg, WLPGA Outgoing President, Maanee Lee,  Minister of Environment. Another Keynote speech was given by Mr. Jae Hoon Lee, Vice Minister of Knowledge and Economy. Loïc Driebeek, CEO, SHV Gas,Chairman Session I Sessions the first day included “The Global and Regional Outlook for LP Gas”, “Combating Climate Change” and round table - “Competing in a High-Price Environment”. This high level roundtable was led by its dynamic Chairman Alan Beale, Managing Director, Elgas who was also bestowed the WLPGA’s Distinguished Service Award. Participants were John Walsh from Amerigas (US); Alex Huijgen, SHV Gas (Netherlands); Matthias Perez, Gasco Chile and Masatak Uruma, Showa Shell (Japan). Gyan C. Daga, Director Marketing, Indian Oil Corp., Chairman Session III The second day featured two keynote speakers: Hyun-Soon Lee, President of Hyundai Motor Company and Dr. Kwang-Kyu Kang, Director of the Korea Environment Institute. An interesting session discussed “Opportunities for LP Gas in Asia” and included Shen Ping (China) from C1 Energy a consulting company that produces reports on the LP Gas market in China and Naoki Endo, TOTALGAZ (Japan). The next session that day was entitled “Towards Operational Excellence” with presentations from Lauro Cotta, SHV Gas, Brazil, G.A. Shirwaikar, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation (HPCL), Rob Shuttleworth, UK LP Gas Makoto Arahata, Counsel to Operating Officer, Mitsui Marubeni Liquefied, Chairman Session V The final session chaired by Makoto Arahata, Counsel to Operating Officer, Mitsui Marubeni Liquefied Gas Co. Ltd, Japan focused on “Innovation for Change” and featured dynamic speakers from the industry including Brian Feehan from PERC who talked about bringing innovation to market, Warring Nielsen from Elgas, Australia who talked about being effective with policy makers, Iñigo Palacio, Repsol who discussed the use of LP Gas in nautical applications, Jorge Montt, Gasco Chile who honed in on double digit growth within the business, and Dayo Adeshina and Kevin Robertson who together demonstrated how innovation is driving demand in Africa. The Forum Exhibition was very rich and featured some surprises including a Tata-Daewoo truck - Korea’s first LP Gas truck. The truck is scheduled to be sold beginning in 2010. An LP Gas-fuelled Toyota Prius hybrid was also on display as well as a Hyundai LP Gas hybrid car within the exhibition itself. [see photos]. At the Exhibition Opening Ceremony, VIPs were asked to cut a ribbon in the traditional Korean style. All VIPs then took a tour of the exhibition The ribbon was cut by the following VIPs:

  • Lon Greenberg, Chairman, CEO of UGI
  • James Rockall, Managing Director, WLPGA
  • Alan Beale, Managing Director, Elgas
  • Jae Hoon Lee, Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy
  • Chi Hyung Kim, President and CEO, SK Gas
  • Sarthak Behuria, New President, Chairman Indian Oil Corp.
  • J.Y. Koo, President and CEO, E1
  • Jin-Sung Jung, Chairman of Korea NOC
  • Soo-Roun You, Chairman of Korea LPG Industry Association

A full day was also dedicated to new technology at the Global Technology Conference (GTC) with nearly 50 speakers providing insights into cutting-edge innovation that drive market growth in the Autogas, operations technology and applications innovation fields. At the Forum’s press conference on the opening day Michael Kelly, Market Development Director for the WLPGA said that ‘In home heating, LP Gas also helps consumers significantly reduce their carbon footprints’ and it is one solution in combating Climate Change. The World LP Gas Association’s Board bestowed the Association’s Distinguished Service Award on Alan Beale, Managing Director of Elgas at the 21st World LP Gas Forum in Seoul.
Alan Beale said, “LP Gas marketers around the world are basically regional businesses. We have to compete against well-established global energy competitions. Through the World LP Gas Association, we can coordinate together to establish LP Gas as a better known and more appropriate energy for the future. We all have to put in an extra effort for the common good.” The World LP Gas Association’s Board elected Mr. Sarthak Behuria, Chairman, Indian Oil Corporation as the Association’s President on the eve of the 2008 World LP Gas Forum in Seoul. He takes over from Mr. Lon Greenberg, Chairman and CEO of UGI who successfully led the world LP Gas industry for several years. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sarthak Behuria said: “As President of this apex body representing the global LP Gas industry, it will be my endeavour to strive assiduously to steer the WLPGA further on the progressive path”. “These are exciting times within the energy business globally and the World LP Gas Association’s members are honoured to welcome Mr. Sarthak Behuria, an industry leader,  as President, said James Rockall, Managing Director, WLPGA. “He will help us further focus on the positioning of LP Gas and contribute to demonstrating the benefits of this clean and modern energy to senior decision makers across the globe” Next Forum will take place in Rio de Janeiro, 7-9 October 2009. For information on specific presentations or for a session breakdown, please contact Neasa Ni Liathain at +33158052805
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