10 December 2012

WLPGA visits Kaohsiung, China

The WLPGA, represented by Director David Tyler, visited Kaohsiung, Taiwan, China in December and held discussions with new WLPGA member Sunrise LP Gas & Energy (Taiwan) Group.


Meetings had also been arranged with Kymco, a leading global motor cycle manufacturer based in the city, to discuss opportunities for Autogas in the two and three wheeler sector. Kymco manufacture 500,000 motorcycles a year from its Kaohsiung plant and these are sold worldwide through its global marketing and sales network. Although Kymco had previously undertaken an R & D programme to develop a dedicated Autogas motorcycle this had been halted several years earlier. Apart from making all their own engines Kymco’s engine manufacturing plant is also making a 650cc four stroke engine for BMW under licence. After discussions about the increased level of interest in two and three wheelers using Autogas in India and other Asian countries they are reconsidering reactivating that programme. David also met Mr Chien-Chang Lan, Director General of the Economic Development Bureau of the Kaohsiung City Government. David described the WLPGA and its activities and Mr Lan requested the WLPGA hold one of its meetings in the country to promote the use of LP Gas and discuss standards of operations. Mr Lan promised his department would provide funds for such an event and the WLPGA will consider including something in its future programmes.