25 February 2016

WLPGA Training for LPG Managers – Indonesia February 2016

WLPGA held a three day International LPG Manager Training programme, together with site visits of some of Pertamina’s LPG facilities and downstream distribution channel, in Bali from 22-25 February 2016.

The programme had originally been planned for November 2015 but was postponed following volcanic activity on the island at the end of last year.

The training was the second in a series planned jointly with Pertamina and organised by LPG Academy. The WLPGA was responsible for the content and provided the trainers led by David Tyler (WLPGA) and supported by Makoto Arahata (Japan LPG) and Captain Bernardo Herzer (Lehr).

The programme followed the inaugural training programme held in Jakarta in November 2014 which was also supported by Pertamina.

Over sixty delegates from both member and non-member companies attended the Bali training programme which focused on three main topics:

  • Management of subsidies
  • Developing LPG markets
  • LPG as an engine fuel

The programme was held at the Patra Jasa Resort and Villas, a Pertamina subsidiary.

On day one the training included a number of case studies which described some fictitious market situations and allowed the group to vigorously debate the challenges presented by subsidies.

The WLPGA website was used on day two to illustrate the many applications for LPG and then the group were asked to consider consumer propositions for various market segments.

Day three included an overview of the Autogas business and described some of the key success factors needed. Makoto Arahata explained the technical issues of burning LPG in engine applications and how the group might take advantage of that sector. Captain Herzer then outlined some of the new developments of using LPG in small engines, particularly in boats and ships.

The next WLPGA training programme will be held at the Sedona Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar from 23-26 May 2016. That will focus on transitioning from traditional fuels to LPG and include a round table on the development of the LPG industry in Myanmar.

For more information on the WLPGA training programmes contact David Tyler on