21 February 2022

WLPGA New Member – Vitol


The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Vitol

Vitol has been a participant in global LPG markets for over four decades and today trades over 12 million tonnes of LPG per year. With offices in over 40 locations and a network of energy infrastructure that supports our trading operations, our LPG business benefits from a large fleet of dedicated LPG tankers as well as proprietary terminals and storage facilities. Vitol global reach benefits their customers ensuring quality products are delivered safely, efficiently and reliably.


'We anticipate that LPG will play a key role during the global transition to lower carbon forms of energy. The WLPGA is an important advocate for LPG, an affordable source of energy which contributes towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Vitol looks forward to working with the WLPGA and their fellow members to drive growth and innovation across this important market. Please feel free to address all your enquiries to (Butane, Propane, LPG mix, clean cooking, infrastructure, logistic, downstream, power, Autogas, petchem, business development, M&A) or via the Contact Us page on' said Mr Sebastien Peine, Head of LPG, Vitol