15 March 2021

WLPGA New Member – Unitex LP Gas

The WLPGA welcomes his new member: Unitex LP Gas

Unitex LP Gas is a SBU of a large emerging business conglomerate named as Unitex Group. The group is investing in diversified business portfolio with particular interest in oil & gas, petroleum, consumer goods and Agri business. This implies that the group will be on investment mood for at least the next ten years.

Unitex LP Gas has its mother LPG plant based in Shitakundu in eastern part of the country (i.e. Chittagong division) within 1 KM radius from the Bay of Bengal. The backward integration facility (i.e. Cylinders Manufacturing Plant) is also in same location. Unitex LP Gas has started its commercial operation in April 2020 with adequate lands adjacent to the sea (i.e. Bay of Bengal) not only for expansion of LPG plants but also for other oil & petroleum type projects. The plant location is in a highly convenient location for anchoring large ship in the sea and unloading/loading LPG or any other petroleum products through pipeline. Unitex LP Gas has a very aggressive vision not only for LPG but also across oil & petroleum spectrum and is also open for any international JV partnership. They finalised their expansion plans in satellite plants across the country to remain highly competitive in terms of both primary & secondary supply chain for LPG.

'I strongly believe that a local company of Bangladesh needs to be more connected in a global village primarily with a mission of capability building. WLPGA is a robust platform to not only learn about the global best practices related to managing the LPG business but also is a solid platform to explore opportunities for collaborative development projects in post pandemic regime.

The policy makers & relevant stakeholders in the developed world have a critical challenge of decarbonisation. The post pandemic era will excel further momentum in innovations where I believe WLPGA will be bridging with all relevant institutions and stakeholders. New business sectors such as marine and bioLPG are relevant for Bangladesh though yet to explore. I am expecting WLPGA to play a leading role in creating awareness among policy makers and other relevant stakeholders in Bangladesh apart from capability development. We would like to be a pioneer in this emerging high potential business segment.'



Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, CEO (LPG, Agri Business & Consumer Goods), Unitex Group

About Mr. Ishtiaq Ahmed, CEO (LPG, Agri Business & Consumer Goods), Unitex Group

Mr. Ishtiaq has 24 years solid professional experience including around 19 years in reputed MNCs like British American Tobacco (BAT), Reckitt Benckiser, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Coca Cola. He worked as Sales Director both in FMCG and Telco Industry in MNCs. Ishtiaq gained solid knowledge about global best practices in key areas like sales management, new project management, supply chain, organisation transformation. He has got exposures of closely working with BCG, Andersen Consulting & Oliver Wight for different corporate projects during his 19 years tenure in MNCs.

Mr. Ishtiaq has worked in four different diversified & challenging industries (i.e. FMCG, Telco, Energy and Poultry). He stepped in local reputed corporates as CEO since last six years. Ishtiaq embarked his career as CEO with Omera Petroleum Limited & led a very successful commercial launch. After around two years, he joined in Kazi Farms Group as CEO to lead the country’s largest integrated poultry farm & worked for 3.3 years prior to joining in Unitex Group to lead three diversified portfolios (LPG, Consumer Goods & Agri business) from July 2020. As CEO, he has solid exposures to lead a revenue portfolio of around USD 400 million per year with around 1500 management employees. Ishtiaq is a proven game changer with an entrepreneurial mindset. He is a Guest Speaker in reputed universities and corporate seminars.