07 September 2021

WLPGA New Member – Trade Data Monitor

The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Trade Data Monitor


Trade Data Monitor is the world’s top supplier of trade statistics to international organisations, global companies, and trade associations. TDM procures export and import data from over 110 countries, and assembles them in a clean, useful database that can be mined for market trends, business insights, and historical context. The data goes back decades and is up to date to the latest month. TDM is based in Geneva, with offices in Charleston, SC, Washington, DC, and New York. TDM is an ideal partner for WLPGA members to provide them with timely, accurate statistics on trade in natural gas, propane, butane, ethylenes, and related gasses and chemicals that are part of the supply chain. These statistics can help WLPGA companies strategise, assess their competitors, and conquer new markets.


“Trade Data Monitor is excited to become a member of WLPGA because of the crucial importance of LPG in the world of 21st century energy, with its emphases on climate change, efficiency, and cost.” said Trade Data Monitor CEO C. Donald Brasher Jr.

“We’re looking forward to a dialogue about the future of the industry, and its place in the global economy, which we track every day with trade statistics.”