25 April 2023

WLPGA New Member – Tomza Group


The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Tomza Group

The story of Tomza Group International is a story of hard work, family and vision. In 1961, Tomza Group's founder Mr. Tomas Zaragoza began the early stages of what would later become the largest LPG distribution conglomerate in Mexico, covering more than half of the country and biggest and more important cities of Mexico including Mexico City, and millions of homes and businesses.

Tomza Group's current Chairman and CEO, Mr. Enrique Zaragoza, greatly expanded the group's reach by venturing in to the acquisition of several companies with retail and wholesale distribution operations in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Belize as well as the building of three of the largest LPG tankers in the world, integrating the entire distribution chain and making Tomza the largest LPG distributor in Mexico and Central America with a total sales volume of 1.3 million tons per year. With three VLGC vessels, three Maritime terminals, eight land terminals, 112 storage and distribution plants, 2,000 retail outlets, 500 tractor trailer trucks, 1,500 bobtail trucks, more than 20,000 cylinder trucks & motorbikes, 700 Autogas stations, and 15,000 employees, Tomza Group International covers the full spectrum of LPG demand by end users in the countries they service, delivering their product to their client´s doorstep. Following their vision of a greener world, Tomza Group headed the largest Autogas conversion programme in Central America, and they are very close to the 50,000 vehicle conversion milestone. Tomza Group are also advocating the end of wood burning as an energy source and raising awareness of the benefits and many uses of clean burning LPG. Tomza Group is committed to the planet’s future and by promoting the use of clean energy, the group hopes to ensure a better, cleaner world for future generations. INICIO (


‘Becoming a part of the WLPGA will be a great step forward for Tomza Group International by helping us forge new strategic alliances across the world. It will also help us stay on top of changes and new developments in the fields of applied technologies and governmental regulations. These synergies will aid us in our endeavor to create a better and cleaner environment by working together with the governments and population of the countries we serve and providing them with the most advanced LPG technology available, developing and promoting the use of clean energy in all economic sectors and eliminating the use of wood as a fuel for cooking, which 50% of the population of Central America still depends on. WLPGA can expect from Tomza Group International, the active participation of a fully integrated company with global reach and experience in all areas related to LPG distribution and with the willingness to help its members make the world a better place to live in.'’ Mr Enrique Zaragoza, Chairman and CEO, Tomza Group