22 September 2022

WLPGA New Member – Tankarm


The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Tankarm

Tankfarm is a tech-enabled propane distribution platform that invests in proprietary software and tank monitors to make deliveries more efficient and profitable for their suppliers, and to delight users. The Tankfarm supplier network spans 37 US states and over 400 locations.

Tankfarm is a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation with the stated goal of reducing the impact of carbon-based heating fuels. It is the only company in the Propane industry that offsets 100% of its customers’ Propane usage with high-quality carbon credits. Tankfarm’s platform helps propane users know how much propane they have, how much they are using and creates an awareness that encourages propane users to reduce consumption.


“I attended my first WLPGA event in Dubai in 2021, and I was really blown away by what LPG means in a global context. I learned a lot about rDME, about propane markets in Africa, the revolution happening in India with propane cooking, and lots of new innovations in the space. It was inspiring, frankly. I wanted Tankfarm to be a part of it right away. I think understanding what’s happening in propane around the world is key to understanding what is happening, or will be happening soon in the US.” said Andrew Heaney, CEO, Tankfarm