21 February 2022

WLPGA New Member – Oberon Fuels


The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Oberon Fuels

Based in Southern California, Oberon Fuels is on a global mission to decarbonise the LPG industry through innovative energy solutions. Oberon Fuels works directly with LPG companies to defossilise the industry with renewable dimethyl ether (rDME) blends that can be stored and transported using existing LPG infrastructure. Additionally, Oberon Fuels helps LPG companies diversify their business into the hydrogen market using that same LPG infrastructure and rDME as a hydrogen carrier.

Oberon Fuels’ refinery in Brawley, Calif., is currently the only facility producing renewable DME at commercial scale in the world. When made by the Oberon process, the California Air Resources Board has calculated that dairy biogas-based rDME has an estimated carbon intensity (CI) value of -278. Even in low volumes, our rDME can dramatically reduce the carbon intensity of LPG while bringing sustainable hydrogen solutions to the market. The company is privately held with both private and strategic investors, including Suburban Propane Partners, L.P. (NYSE: SPH).


“The LPG industry has a big, and perhaps underappreciated, opportunity to help create the future of energy. The LPG industry can deliver a net positive environmental impact with renewable dimethyl ether blends while also setting the stage for easy, widespread deployment of hydrogen leveraging the industry’s existing infrastructure. Oberon Fuels is committed to the long-term success of the LPG industry and is proud to be a part of the journey as a member of WLPGA.” said Rebecca Boudreaux, President and Chief Executive Officer, Oberon Fuels