20 June 2023

WLPGA New Member – Gas Energy Australia


The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Gas Energy Australia

Gas Energy Australia (GEA) is based in the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra, just five minutes from Australia’s Parliament House. It is the national peak national body representing LPG and associated gases, which increasingly includes a raft of new renewables. Their 42 members comprise major companies, medium and small businesses across the gas fuels supply chain including refiners, fuel marketers, equipment manufacturers, gas transporters, consultants and service providers.

Though a small team, GEA punches well above its weight. GEA operates under a Strategic Plan and Communications Strategy, informed by market research, substantive research and member engagement.

Their four pillars cover:

  • Political engagement – to influence politicians across the political aisle, including the public service and various government agencies.
  • Public engagement – to mount a persuasive, fact-based case in the mainstream media and other channels advancing the sector’s contribution today and into the future… to win in the court of public opinion.
  • Third-Party Allies – to forge alliances and building collaboration among groups for a united front to decision-makers, armed with quality data and consistent messages.
  • Membership – to engage in a two-way street. Drawing on the expertise, knowledge and insights to propel our agreed priorities forward. Likewise, GEA needs to communicate to members what they are doing and why.


‘With the pressures and opportunities LPG faces in Australia being experienced globally, you don’t want to be reinventing the wheel! Tapping into global insights and sharing our own can only forge a better future for customers, members and an informed unity of purpose based on consistent data and messages. Collaboration is the cornerstone of what we’re looking for from WLPGA.' Mr Brett Heffernan, CEO, Gas Energy Australia