14 December 2021

WLPGA New Member – Euthalia

The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Euthalia

Euthalia, is an Italian company based near Milan, with over seventy years of experience in the production and installation of systems for protection against lightning and for defense against energy surges and data networks. Their technology is:

Effective – Euthalia has been involved in projects with thousands of plants around the world with over seventy years of business activity. They guarantee the quality of their products and the effectiveness of their systems for 10 years with Allianz insurance (N.B. since 1985 they have not needed to compensate a single claim).

Economical - their systems are, on average, 15% cheaper than competitors’ traditional technology systems and ordinary maintenance has a cost reduction of half compared to competing products. Remotely monitoring their devices gives instant updates about the necessary interventions required.

Sustainable - the energy released by lightning strikes, the energy peaks of overvoltage and the energy deposited on the metal parts, are in no way discharged to the ground and into the environment: they are completely dissolved by their products.

Euthalia designs, sizes and installs their systems according to the specific characteristics of the project, in compliance with the main international regulations and providing them with the relative Compliance.

From 2021 Euthalia can also apply their technology to the protection of LPG storage and distribution systems. Their R&D department has developed a special product line for the needs of the LPG world.


'Safety in the LPG industry is one of the key pillars of the experience that ensures that the industry is sustainable for the future. About 33% of accidents in LPG storage and distribution facilities are caused by lightning and the discharge of static energy accumulated in the metal parts, generated by the transfer of liquid and gaseous compostable materials. These accidents can be avoided with appropriate solutions and protective measures provided by Euthalia. To respond to the Future Modern Environmental and Energy Transition and the ever-changing needs of climate change in our World, prevention, not reaction, is now more necessary than ever. Looking ahead to future trends on the planet is important; that's why Euthalia puts its technology at the service of WLPGA members and the LPG industry.'  said Mr Bassi, CEO, Euthalia