07 September 2021

WLPGA New Member – Emirates General Petroleum Corp. (Emarat)

The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Emirates General Petroleum Corp. (Emarat)


Emarat is based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and has operated in Dubai and the Northern Emirates for over 40 years. We were established in 1980 as a Federal Corporation and have a network of approximately 100 service stations in Dubai, the Northern Emirates and Egypt. In addition, we have the largest Gas Operations network in the Northern Emirates spanning 320 km, an international Lubricants business, plus a range of related services.

At Emarat, we emphasize the safety and convenience of our LPG services offering integrated services to our customers. Emarat bottles cylinders for all authorised cylinder distributors in Dubai as well as a network of bulk deliveries, taking fuel to our industrial, commercial and residential customers.

We have direct cylinder deliveries to end-users, providing fast response, and safe delivery, through an automated LPG app which automates our entire LPG services, whether commercial or residential, from ordering to billing, and even maintenance.

The LPG market is growing in the UAE thanks to a variety of opportunities that are opening up, whether industrial, commercial or residential. A broad range of industries are expanding in the UAE, as well as malls, hotels, food and beverage outlets, and new residential complexes. This provides us with the scope to develop our business even further because these industries consume a great deal of gas. Emarat is excited about the future opportunities for growth.


“Emarat has become a member of WLPGA for a number of reasons. It is very timely since the 33rd World LPG Forum will be held in Dubai with the theme ‘Energising Tomorrow’ which appeals greatly. In addition, the event travels the globe annually bringing together CEO’s of major LPG companies, government ministers and representatives of major intergovernmental organisations and media, to explore the LPG business, discuss its growth potential and to forge new business relationships. This is essential to our business at Emarat as well as to other committed members and visitors. We are looking forward to increasing our networks and partnerships, as well as creating mutually beneficial relationships.”

Mr Zayed Abbas, Senior Manager, Government & Industrial Sales, Emirates General Petroleum Corporation ‘Emarat’