20 February 2023

WLPGA New Member – Consigaz

The WLPGA is delighted to welcome a new member: Consigaz

Consigaz is an LPG distributor in Brazil, that operates in both bottling and bulk segment. Consigaz customers are varied, including houses, condominiums, industries and etc. Consigaz has its operations across nine States in Brazil, and besides the LPG distribution, Consigaz also produces its cylinders and tanks. Their purpose is “TO BE THE ENERGY FOR ALL”, and that means for them having an accessible product with quality and safety, which are unnegotiable values for their organisation. Besides that, they would emphasise that their company is customer orientated, so they are always looking for improvements in our products and services, providing the best experience to their clients.


“We became a member of WLPGA, firstly, because we believe and support the four goals of the institution: advocacy; safety and business improvement; innovation and growth; communications and awareness. We expect to both learn and contribute to WLPGA, knowing that every country has its own energetic characteristics, and we can benchmark and learn with the best practices across the world in our industry.” said Ali Kadri, CEO, Consigaz