01 April 2014

WLPGA Member ITO KOKI Announces Name Change

ITO KOKI is changing its name – but the high quality remains.

On April 1st 2014 Ito Koki of Japan changes its name to the ITO Corporation, which stands for: Innovation  Technology Origination

In the company’s 60th Anniversary year it will be renamed to be more attractive and accessible to people all over the world to achieve further development not only in Japan but also in the global market.

I・T・O Corporation strive to maximise R&D capabilities, as well as the company’s credibility and brand strength. The ITO Corporation also launched a new logo which to give a stronger identity to our their expanding range.

The ITO Corporation has factories and offices throughout Japan, Korea and China plus offices in Vietnam and the latest subsidiary ITO Europe. The company also has many partners offering a fully global network.

ITO Corporation members look forward to meeting customers and friends at the AEGPL Exhibition in Genoa, Italy in May and the WLPGA World Forum in Miami in October, where they will be demonstrating many of their innovative products, the PA System (Propane air mixer producing synthetic natural gas) the ecoRizer, eco-friendly LP Gas vaporiser and the TAX Automatic Changeover with telemetry system. ITO Stands for innovation, Innovation is what we do.