19 June 2020

WLPGA Member Focus – Levgas

WLPGA is proud to welcome Levgas as a new member of our growing global family.


Levgas is a Monaco-based trading company, specialising in LPG freight, cargo and derivatives. Levgas was co-founded in 2019 by senior management and its parent company, the Levmet Group: a market leader in trading base metals, raw materials and ferrous metals. Combining expert knowledge of LPG with solid risk management, Levgas aims for mutually beneficial trading solutions. Whatever the market conditions, the team is professional, collaborative and effective. Physical LPG logistics can often face unexpected difficulties. To add value to each part of the LPG supply chain is a primary focus for Levgas.

Proactive Approach

With an experienced team and good industry network, Levgas’ activities have grown rapidly. The company has concluded physical trades for over 800kt of LPG with 17 of the industry’s leading counterparties. Business activities have been spread across five main regions (Americas, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Far East) while shipping deals have also been transacted on both spot and short time charters. Total revenues exceed $100 million so far.

Future Plans 

Levgas aims to build its presence within the industry by growing organically and sustainably. Exciting niche markets are developed globally every year and the company strives to meet the needs of suppliers and end users alike. Levgas also values working for the long term with industry counterparties, no matter how big or small for mutual advantage. With the exponential growth of the LPG market around the world, there are plenty of opportunities for Levgas to explore.

Giving Back

Outside of LPG, Levgas is an independent supporter of The Ocean Cleanup – a non-profit organisation, which designs and develops passive cleanup systems to clean up what is already polluting our oceans and to intercept plastic on its way to the ocean via rivers. Using this two-pronged approach, The Ocean Cleanup aims to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic by the year 2040. Levgas is committed to growing its business whilst adhering to its values.

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