25 June 2018

WLPGA Member Focus – ISA Intelligent Sensing Anywhere

ISA – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere, headquartered in Coimbra, Portugal, is the IoT company for oil and gas, specialised in telemetry and remote monitoring solutions. With more than 28 years of experience, ISA solutions are reliable, robust and enable a variety of use cases, from a single tank monitoring to multiple tanks, from underground tanks with cathodic protection to flat roofs, from smart meters to cylinder monitoring and tracking.  ISA’s products are intrinsically safe and meet all the safety certification requirements for explosive environments.

ISA’s vision is that digital transformation will continue to be at the forefront of innovation and productivity gains across industry and services. In the energy and oil and gas market, digital transformation impacts logistics cost-savings, new customer experience and new business models. The realisation of the internet of things for the oil and gas industry means more sensors, attached to almost anything, communicating and interacting with each other, producing real-time events and vast amounts of data. The combination of internet of things with machine learning technology will exploit available data and bring increased automation and intelligence leading to superior customer experience.

ISA is present in 37 countries with more than 110,000 units installed since its inception.


Ongoing Projects

Prognos: ISA IoT Platform

Prognos is the ISA cloud-based IoT platform for oil and gas to manage ISA devices as well as third part devices, making it a one stop shop for both customers and telemetry providers. All alarms and data are collected and stored in Prognos, which can be easily integrated with any ERP software. Prognos transforms data in information and presents a wide range of reports in order to assist oil and gas companies in their distribution optimisation, asset management and sales planning activities.

ISA New Data Logger

This new generation is expected to set new standards for tank monitoring technology.

This project will provide tank monitoring benefits like avoiding run-outs and enlarging the drop size, thus optimising customer operations, namely delivery and logistic.

In addition, beside the cost savings, ISA believe that tank monitoring can help our customers to improve their business by allowing them to reach their customer in new ways, creating new marketing channel, knowing their customer consumption profile and allowing them to proactively contact the customers with tailored offerings.

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