21 September 2015

WLPGA Member Focus – Intelligent Sensing Anywhere (ISA)

For more than 25 years, ISA has been inventing and designing products for the telemetry and remote monitoring solutions market. We have become experts in the downstream Oil and Gas sector. ISA has been delivering reliable and robust products perfected for a quarter of a century.

ISA products enable a variety of use cases, from a single tank to multiple tanks, from underground tanks with cathodic protection to flat roofs installations.

Through an intrinsically safe design process, ISA’s products meet all the safety certification requirements for explosive environments. The same comprehensive design process enables low power consumption, thus meaning, extended battery time to all of our family of Loggers and RTUs.

ISA has a proven track record and deployed product base all over the world is unique in the industry. From the hot and sandy desert to iced underground tank domes, our products hold up to the harshest environmental conditions.

GSM and CDMA networks are available to send all field data to ISA cloud servers making it available anytime and anywhere customers want. From customer’s office users are able to manage all their sites and tanks from sales forecasting to plan and delivery. All of the field data can arrive directly through our ISA’s web apps or integrating it directly into a customer’s ERP systems.



Being at the confluence of two industries, IT and LPG, ISA has been very successful on exploiting IT driven innovation to the benefit of the LPG sector. Several years ago, ISA pioneered mobile apps for end customers tank monitoring. Early in the year they introduced Mammut – the first tank monitoring solutions company to use Android™ app store distributable application for tank field operations. In the second quarter, as part of their Microsoft Gold Application Developer partnership, ISA had their data backend solutions certified for the Microsoft Azure cloud. With the growing adoption of Internet of Things, ISA’s rebranded smart home offer – ISAhub is more focused than ever in supporting customer retention in the LPG retail business while cutting to zero the communication costs.

“At the time of writing this message, ISA is coming to Singapore in a couple of days for the World LPG Forum. For those of you attending it, let me invite you to come by and visit ISA’s booth. Feel free to pass by and chat on how tank monitoring, and IT in general, could be of help to your operations”.

Dino Costa, Chairman & CEO, ISA