20 March 2018

WLPGA Member Focus – Hexagon Ragasco


Hexagon Ragasco became a member of the WLPGA in 2005.

Trusted by businesses and consumers worldwide

Hexagon Ragasco is the world’s leading manufacturer of composite LPG cylinders, with over 14 million cylinders sold worldwide over the last 18 years. Our cylinders are designed as a modern and innovative alternative to steel cylinders and they combine unique benefits such as lighter weight, rust-free materials, translucency and they are BLEVE-free. We are proud to have established an unrivalled safety record in the industry.


Our customer promise

Marketing LPG with Hexagon Ragasco cylinders is enabling our customers to gain and retain market share while reducing refurbishing and logistic costs. By offering a customer-friendly and safer cylinder, a business can increase their market share and build customer loyalty.

Leading quality for unmatched performance

Using state-of-the-art technology at our highly-automated production facility in Norway, Hexagon Ragasco’s production line is the only one of its kind in the world.

Quality is assured throughout with all steps in the value chain and all processes certified according to ISO 9001. During the manufacturing process, there are more than 35 points where production data on each cylinder is collected and stored for full traceability.

Thanks to their unique construction and proven durability, our composite LPG cylinders are certified in over 70 countries. They comply with widely recognized international standards and approvals, including:

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 11119-3
  • EN 12245
  • EN 14427
  • DOT- SP 12706
  • TC-SU-5931.

In addition, they are designed to operate across all weather conditions from -40 degrees Celsius (Antarctic regions) to +65 degrees Celsius (desert regions), proving they are a versatile choice.

Hexagon Ragasco composite LPG cylinders are represented on several markets worldwide, either by selected agents and distributors, or by regional sales representatives.