28 April 2017

WLPGA Member Focus – Envirofit

About Envirofit

Envirofit International is a social enterprise that innovates smart energy products and services that improve lives on a global scale. Using a market-based approach, Envirofit develops a global product line of wood, charcoal, and LPG clean cookstoves that cook faster while reducing fuel use, smoke, and toxic emissions. Serving more than 5 million people in energy poverty, Envirofit’s smart stoves reduce climate change, create new jobs, and enable families to save money.


Envirofit SmartGasTM

In 2017, Envirofit launched Envirofit SmartGas™, a new technology and service that allows families living in energy poverty to pay for LPG as they cook. Envirofit SmartGas™ is a total LPG solution that delivers safe, reliable, and affordable LPG. The goal of the SmartGas™ program is to enable households living in energy poverty access to LPG fuel by paying for it daily. The SmartGas™ program represents the first scalable pay-as-you-cook LPG service that is designed for customers in emerging markets.

Through Envirofit's SIM/GPS enabled SmartGas™ Valve, families will be able to use their phones to pre-pay for gas as needed using mobile money. This transaction activates the valve to supply the purchased amount of gas, thus allowing customers to pay-as-you-cook with clean LPG at a price comparable to daily charcoal. Constant monitoring of the data received through the valve by the Envirofit Customer Care team allows Envirofit to schedule the delivery of a new tank before the customer ever runs out, assuring a consistent supply of quality LPG gas.


Opportunities with WLPGA

As a WLPGA member, Envirofit plans to leverage WLPGA’s market development insights, partnership network, and resources to scale the SmartGas™ program in emerging markets. Envirofit has established business units around the world in East Africa, West Africa, Asia and Latin America. Over the next five years, Envirofit aims to convert consumers who currently cook with charcoal to exclusive LPG use, and in doing so provide access to affordable LPG to 1 million customers.



Envirofit was founded in 2003 on the idea that enterprise principles can transform the development of household and commercial energy technologies for people living in extreme energy poverty. Today, Envirofit has grown from a business with one product to a global company serving over five million people, with over a dozen user-designed products. As the world’s leading producer of high-quality clean cookstoves – having sold more than 1.3 million biomass cookstoves since 2007 – the addition of Envirofit SmartGas™, to Envirofit’s lineup of clean energy household goods furthers their mission of making clean energy cooking affordable, accessible, and adoptable.


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