29 August 2016

WLPGA Member Focus – Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd


Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd joined WLPGA in July 2016 and is the leading LPG supplier and first private investment in Bangladesh. WLPGA spoke to Mr. Shafiat Sobhan Sanvir, Vice Chairman, Bashundhara Group


About Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd
Bashundhara LP Gas Ltd (BLPGL) is a subsidiary of Bashundhara Group (BG), a leading business conglomerate in Bangladesh,who  started their business in 1987 in the real estate sector and then expanded their horizons to approximately 23 sectors where in each case BG is the market leader. Under the visionary leadership of Honorable Chairman Mr. Ahmed Akbar Sobhan, as a group of companies Bashundhara is now earning billion dollar revenue which is a landmark of the country like Bangladesh. If we talk about BLPGL unit, it is the first private LP Gas investment in Bangladesh back in 1999 with storage capacity of 3000 MT LPG storage at Mongla with 20000 pcs per month cylinder manufacturing unit. Currently leading the LPG market of Bangladesh by a margin over competition through selling of 70,000 MT per annum with 60,000 pcs of cylinder production capacity from its cylinder manufacturing unit.

BLPGL Video:

BLPGL Cylinder manufacturing unit Video:


Current Market:
BLPGL is now leading with market share since its inception in Bangladesh and upcoming surge on LPG demand in Bangladesh is lucrative enough to challenge BLPGL remain number one when significant number of competition will enter within next year. Primary target for few years will be to remain top of the list inside the country.


Distribution Channel:
BLPGL has the strongest distribution channel inside the country; they have introduced uses of LPG in different horizon in Bangladesh through skilled manpower and expertise on this segment. BLPGL is now name of confidence for the consumers, expansion of LPG uses in Bangladesh for last three years is tremendous where contribution of BLPGL is mentionable hence they are still in top of the share with sizeable percentage.


As a visionary group, BG is always forerunner, seeing the upcoming opportunities of LPG in Bangladesh for next five to ten years, it has reinvested another USD 200 million to BLPGL unit this year & within February’17 BLPGL will have accumulated 9000 MT storage capacity along with 160,000 pcs per month cylinder manufacturing unit. This investment has opened a new direction in LPG industry and surely it will forward BLPGL to a new unreachable height inside the country market.


Expectation from WLPGA
Bangladesh is foreseeing the surge of LPG as Natural gas resources are depleting with pace of industrialization, sensing that LPG uses will pick the diversification sector, Autogas and industrial sector will be the driven market to go through, real estate sector will be boom as huge demand of housing will remain as the population is very high to accommodate in small country. Support on technical training of cylinder reticulation system, best safe practice in operations, and campaign on LPG extensive uses and most importantly learning from the success history of other LPG leading country around the world will be the key expectation.


A Few words from Vice Chairman
The nation is preparing to roar in the world economy very shortly; international news about Bangladesh confirms such: The World Bank ranked Bangladesh as the top 8th in remittance receiving country in the world with more than USD 15 Billion in 2015. Goldman Sachs’ has predicted that Bangladesh will soon become one of the largest economies of the world. A Bloomberg report has cited Bangladesh to be on track to log in the second best economic growth figure in 2016 around the world. CNN Money has forecast Bangladesh’s growth is going to be the 3rd highest for next five years.

As per the above opinions from globally reputed institutions, there is no doubt that we Bangladeshis are going to create waves in the international economy. We need to realize that the most challenging obstacle that we are going to face for gaining a credible position within world economy is the Energy Crisis. Looking forward to the positive attitude of Bangladesh Government for declaring new LPG business- friendly legislation not only to propagate this business but also to remain at least a bit safe in energy balance. we need be more focused and have to find the upcoming surge of LPG demand: for which the possible, immediate and best fit solution is ‘LPG’.


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