14 June 2017

WLPGA Member Focus – Afriquia Gaz


Afriquiagaz is a WLPGA member since 1997.

Afriquia Gaz has the highest storage capacity among the country’s gas companies, guaranteeing permanent availability of this source of energy to all its partners. In fact, Afriquia Gaz owns Jorf Lasfar Storage Terminal as well as has mutualised access to six LPG storage terminals of Morocco, namely, Stogaz, Gaz Afrique, Somas, Nador, Salam Gaz and Maghreb Gaz.

Afriquia Gaz has an output of 2,500,000 cylinders per annum with four ultra-performing Production Plants. It also produces various accessories such as valves, valve chambers, cylinder stands and racks.

Various companies of Gas fill more than 800,000 T LPG in their own centres per annum for own requirements their own needs as well as for partners. The filling centres are supplied by imports routed by the three terminals spread over the territory (Agadir, Jorf Lasfar and Mohammedia).

Afriquia Gaz distributes more the 1,000,000 T LPG thanks to its fleet of more than 1,000 trucks and the 200 agent’s strong network spread over the entire Kingdom.

Afriquia Gaz has a stock of 23 million cylinders and five major brands: Afriquia Gaz, Tissir Gaz, Ultra Gaz, National Gaz and Butafric. These brands are accompanied by targeted sales and marketing activities and innovation is their watchword.

Afriquia Gaz is the first QHSE certified Moroccan gas operator for the entire gas chain (as per the three international reference standards: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001).

This distinction has translated into devoting an Integrated Management System based Vision of Excellence that places Hygiene, Safety & Environment in the middle of its concerns.


“My hope for the future is to make energy accessible to all AFRICA because it is one of the key factors of development.”  Mr. Rachid Idrissi