21 February 2022

WLPGA Industry Council Member Aygaz Celebrates Sixtieth Anniversary

Gökhan Tezel: We Aspire to be a Brand Shaping the Future

Aygaz is a clean energy company that has remained young since its establishment in 1961 with its dynamic and agile organisation, leading in all its fields of operation. As a brand that always leads the way, Aygaz took the first step in eco-friendly clean energy by introducing LPG to Turkey. Today, Aygaz operates in various industry segments, including the logistics operations of LPG, procured from Turkey or other suppliers worldwide, processing and making LPG available for consumers, production of LPG-powered devices, international LPG transportation by vessels, and natural gas sales. As the first publicly traded company in the LPG sector, Aygaz operates with a wide network of 2,300 gas cylinder dealers and more than 1,700 Autogas stations in 81 provinces across Turkey and also exports pressurised containers and LPG equipment to 56 countries.

As a leading LPG provider, Aygaz visits nearly 40 thousand homes every day, while the company’s Autogas brand, Aygaz Otogaz is Turkey’s top choice, powering approximately 200,000 vehicles a day. Driven by a strong and sustainable innovation culture, Aygaz has maintained its position as a market-shaping leader since the very beginning. Furthermore, Aygaz keeps up with the ever-changing market conditions and continues to build on the quality of its services and products. In addition to expanding its product lines by introducing next-generation cylinder types, such as Aygaz Mini, and special accessories designed for these mini cylinders to make life easier for its consumers, Aygaz also offers high-propane cylinders developed for camper van and boat users, as well as barbecues and heaters, always working to exceed customer expectations. As a company that believes in and drives change, Aygaz recently added bottled water and last-mile delivery to its innovative product and service offering in response to the evolving customer requirements by leveraging its resources and strengths.

Gökhan Tezel, General Manager at Aygaz, notes that the company is celebrating its 60th anniversary and adds: “We marked our 60th anniversary with a commercial featuring the slogan ‘We Are 60 Years Old But We Are Always Young At Heart.’ As a company that continues to evolve and transform six decades later, we always look at our market to identify what we can change. In recent years, we established the LPG industry’s first and only R&D centre, which has launched breakthrough projects and currently works on new ones. We are shifting gears to accelerate our efforts toward a future with innovations that go beyond meeting the changing customer needs and shape expectations and dreams as we transform Aygaz into the brand of the future. In addition to LPG as our main business, we entered the bottled water and last-mile delivery sectors in recent years to leverage the strength of our wide and well-established dealer network to create new synergies. All of these efforts strengthen our reputation and recognition as a young and dynamic brand, allowing us to introduce Aygaz to new consumers, particularly the youth, who have not used cylinder gas before.

In terms of our international growth strategies, our efforts are ongoing to elevate Aygaz to a leading position as a global player. We recently joined forces with United Enterprises in Bangladesh, entering the Asian market, which has the highest share in global domestic LPG consumption and the strongest growth trend. At United-Aygaz LPG, we plan to operate across the value chain with LPG imports, storage, filling, and retail sales operations in Bangladesh.”