14 October 2014

WLPGA catches up with some famous industry faces in Australia

It’s a small world!  WLPGA Director David Tyler was visiting Warring Neilsen in Sydney on 25 September 2014 to discuss his involvement in the Miami Forum events when they came across a familiar group sitting at the next table in the restaurant.

John Evans, Head of Elgas and an Industry Council member of the WLPGA, was having lunch with a group of retired colleagues and some familiar faces to WLPGA members and indeed to the industry, including Alan Beale and Ian Maloney.

So how is everyone getting on? Alan Beale is a past board member of the WLPGA and a past Vice-President. Alan was also Chairman of GAIN (the Global Autogas Industry Network) for six years and Chairman of the Global Technology Group and Chairman of the Climate Change Working Group. Alan is also a holder of the WLPGA Distinguished Service Award (Alan-Beale-awarded-World-LP-Gas-Association-Distinguished-Service-Award-at-21st-World-LP-Gas-Forum-in-Seoul).

Ian Maloney has also now retired from Elgas but is still involved in LPG consulting work. Ian was a very active member of the WLPGA.  Everyone was in fine health and still very much interested in the work of the WLPGA. David suggested to Alan that he might make the trip to the Singapore Forum next year and renew his acquaintances within the LPG industry.   From left to right in the photo: John Evans, Ian Maloney, Mike De Thame, David Tyler, Alan Beale, Colin Prebble