20 December 2012

WLPGA and Exceptional Energy announces sponsorship of the Rockall Solo Endurance Expedition

Rockall Solo is a unique endurance expedition to be undertaken by British explorer Nick Hancock in May 2013. 


Since the first recorded landing on this very small island, some 300km off the coast of Scotland in 1811, only four people have spent more than one night on Rockall.  Nick is planning to spend a world record breaking 60 days alone on this storm-lashed islet.  The uninhabited island of Rockall is just 25m wide and just 18m high, is constantly battered by waves and has no flora or fauna.  
Nick Hancock and the RockPod (photograph courtesy of Michael Schofield)  Island of Rockall (photograph courtesy of Michael Schofield)
For two months Nick will be sheltered in a tiny 150kg capsule – the RockPod – which will be secured to anchor points drilled into the rock.  The RockPod will be Nick’s only protection from the famously stormy Atlantic.  Nick will also take all the supplies he will need to survive for the next few days - including LP Gas and LP Gas equipment to heat water and cook with.   Preparations are well underway and Nick landed on Rockall in 2012 for a planned reconnaissance visit for the expedition, sending the very first Tweet and Facebook update from the rock. The challenge now is for Nick to land on Rockall for a second time, becoming only the third person to have landed on Rockall more than once.  This time he plans to survive solo for 60 days, setting two new quite unusual endurance records: The longest ever solo occupation of Rockall and the longest occupation of Rockall in history.  The RockPod WLPGA sees this as not only an exciting human challenge but also an unmissable opportunity to showcase the benefits of LP Gas as an exceptional energy in extremely off-grid and isolated conditions.   A truly unusual real-time experience of Exceptional Energy in Action. The expedition is already attracting significant media interest and, with a heavily branded Exceptional Energy presence, WLPGA is looking forward to following this expedition closely and supporting Nick in his courageous endeavour. Follow the expedition on Facebook and Twitter @RockallNick.
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