22 July 2022

Westport Fuel Systems Unveils the New LPG-powered Kia Sportage

In June 2022, Westport Fuel Systems Inc. unveiled the new LPG-powered Kia Sportage during the European Liquid Gas Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Inspired by continuous innovation and 25 years of cooperation, the partnership between Westport Fuel Systems (WFS) and Kia now offers a version of its Kia Sportage model powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Available for purchase starting from mid-July and for delivery in September, this version will complement an innovative version that will combine the LPG system with full-hybrid technology. The LPG hybrid will be available in coming months.

With over 100,000 registered vehicles, the DOEM (delayed OEM) WFS-Kia partnership has proven effective and reliable. Taken together, vehicles sold under the partnership have saved 154,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions and saved users approximately €500 million in fuel costs compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. LPG models have been in high demand; in this case, Kia was able to offer this option on a best-selling Kia model that entered the market only a few months ago.

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Image provided by Westport Fuel Systems.