21 April 2022

The Voice of Tiago Oliveira, General Manager, Amtrol-Alfa | Worthington Industries

The Voice spoke with Mr Tiago Oliveira, General Manager, Amtrol-Alfa | Worthington Industries to hear his thoughts about the future of the LPG industry.

WLPGA: What are Amtrol-Alfa | Worthington Industries' key drivers for the coming year?

Tiago Oliveira: In the past three years we lived an unparalleled situation because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Amtrol-Alfa | Worthington Industries was fortunate enough to work uninterrupted through this period, thanks to our customers who managed to keep the supply of LPG to their clients in this difficult period, and thanks to our suppliers and partners that were engaged to keep all supply chain running. Our workforce was also brave to come to work every day, allowing the fulfilment of our commitments.

Unfortunately, due to the Ukrainian war situation, we are facing another very different challenge:  an unprecedented energy crisis, which is leading to consequential raw materials shortages and price escalation.

We believe our biggest challenge is to assure the supply of cylinders to our customers hoping that the raw material shortages and inevitably significant higher costs will not impact our LPG partners business.

WLPGA: Where do you believe the key opportunities lie for LPG in 2022 and going forward?

Tiago Oliveira: The natural gas crisis has brought more focus to alternative energies. LPG is one of the most available energies, maybe the most AVAILABLE one. When I say AVAILABLE, I mean that it is the energy that is easily stored, transported, used in remote areas, used in all environments and even when the energy grids are completely disrupted. I believe this an opportunity for people to look at LPG as an energy for the future - always AVAILABLE.

For Amtrol-Alfa | Worthington Industries, leading gas cylinder manufacturer, there is an opportunity for increase in demand to accomplish this continuity.

WLPGA: Given the unprecedented times we are experiencing, what do you see as key threats to the industry and how we might overcome them?

Tiago Oliveira: The liquefied gases industry is in a process to reinvent itself. The need to reduce the CO2 emissions generated by these types of gases are pushing the development of new gases like rDME and bioLPG. In the very near future, the industry will need to adapt to these new gases, or mixtures of them. It will be necessary to adapt the supply chain to the introduction of these, which for a while will cohabit with the traditional LPG. The use and transport of these gases will also need to be confirmed, namely in the compatibility of these mixtures in all storage, transport, and equipment.

WLPGA: As a WLPGA Board Member and Industry Council representative, what are your hopes and goals for the WLPGA?

Tiago Oliveira: I expect the WLPGA to continue to adapt its role during this uncertain environment, highlighting the importance of a storable and available energy during critical times but keeping the safety of the operations as its main priority.

We believe in the WLPGA to lead the industry, through the current energy turmoil, towards a sustainable future.