19 September 2014

The Voice of Stuart Weidie, President and CEO of Blossman Gas

The Voice:  Stuart, thank you for taking the time to talk to us. Please tell us about Blossman Gas and your main activities

Stuart Weidie:  Blossman Gas is the eighth largest propane company in the US and the largest privately held (3,500 companies).  We have been in business since 1951 and serve 140,000 residential, commercial and agricultural businesses.  We also founded a company in 2009, Alliance Autogas, which serves over 600 vehicle fleets in 46 US states.  





TV: What’s your role within Blossman and what brought you here?

SW: I serve as President and CEO.  I joined the company in 1991 and ran local branch operations, taught in our training program, served in regional management capacities before becoming President in 2000.  I became CEO in 2007.

TV: Blossman has recently joined the WLGPA Industry Council, what are the main benefits of this for you?

SW: Blossman believes there is much to learn from LPG retailers around the world.  Understand the business opportunities, methods and business practices their engage in has been very helpful in improving the results of our company.

TV: Do you face any specific challenges in the US market today, and if so how is Blossman addressing these?

SW: The retail market in the US has been in decline for ten years.  Competing energy sources, the efficiency of modern appliances and the more efficient construction has contributed to this decline.  In addition, the business model of many LPG marketers in the US is focused on the delivery of fuel (pipeline on wheels) and less on product sales and the servicing of gas products.  Our company has elected to continue to aggressively sell products that use propane and we also believe it is important to “service everything we sell.”

TV: How about the key opportunities in the market?

SW: Water heating, cooking and clothes drying using LPG are superior to electric alternatives.  We are vigorously pursuing these opportunities in the residential market.  We also believe Autogas and LPG for small engines (lawn care and maintenance equipment) are great opportunities.

TV: Blossman is of course a sponsor of the World LP Gas Forum later this year, what are you and your team most looking forward to in Miami?

SW: Again, learning from companies around the world in terms of how they are marketing, selling and serving customers.   For more information visit and