20 July 2022

The Voice of Janet Carson, Chief Executive of GasNZ

The Voice spoke with Ms Janet Carson, Chief Executive of GasNZ to hear her thoughts about the future of the LPG industry.

WLPGA: What are GasNZ’s key drivers for the coming year?

Janet Carson: GasNZ’s key goal is to support members through the transition to low carbon by establishing itself as the industry’s “voice of LPG and gas”. The voice that reminds New Zealanders of the benefits of LPG; assures New Zealanders it’s not running out; and most importantly the voice that helps drive demand for renewables, so New Zealanders can enjoy the benefits of LPG today and in the future.

This goal recognises that LPG is an essential part of New Zealand’s shared energy future, and that for many homes and businesses there is no alternative that adequately meets their needs.

The industry needs a unified voice at this time, so that consumers can find out more about the benefits, and future of LPG, as they make long term decisions for their homes and businesses, and to give companies confidence in the future of LPG, to continue to invest in LPG appliances and infrastructure.


WLPGA: Where do you believe the key opportunities lie for LPG in 2022 and going forward?

Janet Carson: GasNZ is built on the proposition that LPG is a fuel in transition. Our vision is that renewable gases (including renewable LPG and renewable DME) are a material part of New Zealand’s energy system, providing energy choices and a cleaner future for all New Zealanders.

In May 2022, the government published its emissions reduction plan, which includes work to develop a Gas Transition Plan to drive emission reductions from natural gas and LPG. The plan will be a key input into a broader National Energy Strategy, showing how emissions from gas and LPG can be reduced in line with targets in emissions budgets, in legislation, and in New Zealand's international commitments.

GasNZ has a key opportunity to scope pathways for LPG to inform development of the transition plan. This is something I’m excited about, and will be proud to contribute to, as I know what a difference the right pathways for the future of LPG mean for our industry and the people that use it.


WLPGA: What do you see as key threats to the industry and how we might overcome them?

Janet Carson: The pace of change! In New Zealand, the foot’s firmly on the accelerator toward a low carbon energy future. The accelerated pace is a key challenge. Ensuring we move fast enough but in a way that takes New Zealanders on the journey with us is key to the future of LPG in our country. We need to make sure we put the meat on the bones of our developments and initiatives, we need to ensure we move from principles to projects on the ground that will deliver the change we want.


WLPGA: GasNZ recently produced an Exceptional Energy case study with the WLPGA. As an Association member and having worked closely with the WLPGA, what are your hopes and goals for the WLPGA moving forward?

Janet Carson: WLPGA has been phenomenal in connecting us with people and research on transitioning to rLPG and rDME. New Zealand is a country of five million people at the bottom of the world, which has advantages (lots!) and disadvantages (a few). A key advantage is we can make things happen very quickly, a disadvantage is that we do not have the economy of scale that other countries have and geographically we can be somewhat isolated from what’s happening in the other hemisphere.

WLPGA brings us closer to the action and are generous with their time and support in assisting. The WLPGA has a key role to play in joining everyone and providing meaningful and sophisticated support across different cultures, economies and businesses through the transition to low-carbon - it looks different for everyone and having a central resource and coordination is vital to all of our success. LPG Week is an example of WLPGA’s excellent facilitation and I am looking forward to participating this year and linking with likeminded countries and LPG companies.


GasNZ represents the LPG and Gas Associations of New Zealand:

To view the Exceptional Energy case study, “LPG a Fuel in Transition” visit:


GasNZ’s Chief Executive, Janet Carson, presents on ‘Gas Heating Bans & Electrification: Lessons learned from governmental action in Europe & beyond’ at the 2022 NPGA Southeastern Convention & International Propane Expo. Ms Carson provides insight into GasNZ’s response to the New Zealand Climate Change Commission’s draft advice to government to ban new gas connections from 2025, & the development of GasNZ’s successful Future Sure marketing campaign with support provided by the WLPGA.