16 December 2021

The Polish LPG Association Celebrate their 25th Anniversary

On November 18th, POGP held their 25th Anniversary Gala. Over 100 attendees representing the Polish LPG industry participated in the event held at the Sabat Theatre in Warsaw.

The Gala was opened by Sylwester Śmigiel, POGP Chairman. Then the Polish President’s representative, Jan Krzysztof Ardanowski MP, addressed the attendees and passed the President’s acknowledgements for the POGP efforts to develop the liquid gas market. Mr Ardanowski also passed to the POGP Chairman the national flag of Poland with President Duda’s special greetings. James Rockall, WLPGA CEO, sent a video greetings (click here to see the clip). Other Polish oil&gas industry organisations sent representatives to pay their respects. Many government institutions, including Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Finance and Transport Technical Inspection, also attended the Anniversary Gala.

During the official part of the Anniversary, distinguished representatives of POGP members were decorated with badges of honour. Adam Kubiak, Jerzy Szablewski, Roman Ślagowski and Sylwester Śmigiel – all former and present POGP chairmen – were awarded the Honorary Badge of Merit for Development of the Polish Economy, granted by the Prime Minister as acting Minister of Development and Entrepreneurship.

Another 13 prominent POGP people were awarded the Honorary Badge of Merit for the Oil and Gas Industry, granted by Minister of Climate and Environment. All decorated POGP representatives received their honors from Mr Piotr Uściński, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development and Entrepreneurship. Finally, five long-time POGP delegates received special Anniversary Exceptional Energy statuettes for their commitment to the POGP statutory activity. Polish Liquid Gas Association is the authoritative voice of LPG market in Poland. Established in 1996, POGP is a member of WLPGA and LGE. Since 2020, POGP expanded its scope of operations to cover the LNG market and are actively involved in shaping the European energy transition from the Polish perspective.