24 November 2015

The Cavagna Group’s Propane-Fueled Greengear Products have been chosen for the Care of the most Beautiful Gardens in Europe

Villa Carlotta, the most popular historic mansion and museum on Lake Como, has chosen Greengear outdoor equipment for the care of its gardens.

The agreement between the Cavagna Group and Villa Carlotta’s management team was officially signed September 2015. Villa Carlotta is one of the most charming historic mansions overlooking Lake Como, and it is famous for its gardens, which are among the most beautiful in Europe. According to this agreement, the Cavagna Group will provide Villa Carlotta with innovative, propane-powered Greengear outdoor equipment for the care of its green areas.

Villa Carlotta’s management team came to this decision because LPG is widely known as an environmentally friendly fuel, being the best alternative to traditional (and polluting) gasoline. Thus, choosing to adopt Greengear outdoor equipment fits perfectly with the environmental commitment of this world-class historic site: after all, it boasts more than 70,000 square meters of gardens, which are visited by more than 200,000 visitors a year, 70% of which are foreigners. In addition to its gardens, the Villa has many precious artistic treasures as well, including some famous masterpieces by the sculptor Antonio Canova. Now, thanks to Greengear’s propane-powered products, Villa Carlotta is carrying out yet another concrete initiative in favor of its surrounding environment.

During the event dedicated to announcing this prestigious partnership, the managers of Villa Carlotta pointed out the importance of this collaboration and the meaning of this agreement. Maria Vittoria Bianchini, the President of Ente Villa Carlotta, declared that "Villa Carlotta has always been committed to promoting technological innovation in fuel systems and in the management of our green spaces, while still remaining faithful to tradition. I am glad that this partnership is able to support the Villa’s evolution; in fact, it brings our operational management in line with the highest environmental standards, while at the same time allowing us to save money by using propane."

The Cavagna Group was also very pleased with such a prestigious partnership. Davide Cavagna, CEO of the Group, made that clear during his speech: "It is truly an honor to link the Greengear brand name with that of Villa Carlotta. It is the most significant way to support the launch of these innovative outdoor products on the international market."

Moreover, Villa Carlotta has also decided to adopt Cavagna’s propane technology in order to transform the heating system of its museum and greenhouses, which will use propane fuel from now on. This strategy is based on an energy efficiency plan developed in collaboration with the Italian group Autogas Nord. "I am very proud of this partnership," added Giorgio Basaglia, Director of Greengear Global Ltd, "because Villa Carlotta is a prime example of successful integration between the public and private sectors on an operational and managerial level: in fact, its model of excellence in management is associated with a model of operational excellence, which meets the highest environmental standards.

"With its Greengear products, the Cavagna Group has once again reaffirmed its commitment to engineering and manufacturing, with the goal of developing propane’s great potential in several different fields of application. Indeed, the Cavagna Group has distinguished itself in the gas industry as a dynamic company with a wide range of products on the market, including innovative solutions for conventional combustion engines fueled by propane.

The propane-powered Greengear products marketed by Greengear Global, an English subsidiary of the Cavagna Group, are further proof of this commitment. propane truly reaches its full potential in Greengear-branded products: it always ensures the highest levels of safety, performance and reliability in an engine – indeed, propane actually increases the average lifespan of a motor – as well as being practical and easy to use.

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