11 May 2021

The Canadian Propane Association: Proud of the Past, Focused on the Future

The Canadian Propane Association (CPA) celebrates its 10th anniversary and 53 years of dedication promoting propane.

While Canada’s propane industry has been represented for over 50 years, in 2011, the industry took an important step – to unite over 400 businesses from coast to coast as one national voice under the Canadian Propane Association. The objectives were to have strong communications, improve advocacy and provide value to members and stakeholders.

Today, the CPA is recognised as a respected voice, committed to advancing the industry on multiple fronts and to a culture of safety in areas related to the transportation, storage and use of propane. The association has succeeded in moving the bar in a number of areas, from increasing the awareness of the value of propane and its many usages to dispelling myths. The modernisation of the Propane Training Institute has placed it firmly in the market as the leader for professional training and certification programs across Canada.

“We are deeply appreciative of the trust and support members and board directors have placed in us, leading us to be the organisation we have evolved into today,” said Nathalie St-Pierre, CPA President and CEO.

“In our view, CPA members are the very definition of a community-facing industry. They meet their customers face-to-face to deliver product, they live and work in neighbourhoods they serve, and support local organisations through volunteering, donations, and other services. Their hard work, creativity, and resilience are significant contributions to local communities and the economy, which raises the reputation of the propane industry.”

The CPA looks forward to the next decade with optimism. More than ever, the CPA’s mission is relevant – to champion propane and the propane industry and to facilitate best practices, a culture of safety, and a favourable business environment, through advocacy, training, and emergency response.

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