31 March 2016

Spanish Giant Energy Firm Renews Fleet with 180 Autogas Cars

Opel has delivered 180 Insignia vehicles to Repsol to renew their commercial fleet. This version features a 1.4 Turbo engine with 140 horsepower, powered by an LPG/gasoline engine. This vehicle is an attractive, economic, efficient alternative, which contributes to improving air quality in the Spanish cities. Thus, Repsol has chosen this model to reinforce its commitment towards sustainable mobility.

The German automaker Opel offers in Europe a wide range of vehicle models running on Autogas, directly from production plant.

The LPG system is perfectly integrated into the vehicle, with the fuel tank completely located in the space for the spare wheel. This fully developed technology guarantees a high level performance and reliability, as well as comfort of driving, which is equivalent to similar gasoline or diesel models.

The CO2 emissions of LPG are 21% less than gasoline over the life cycle. LPG emits virtually no dust and no nitrogen oxides (NOx). Compared to diesel, NOx emissions are reduced by about 99% on average.

Repsol offers Autogas in more than 350 refuelling stations at its Peninsula and Balearics network. In addition, the energy company offers large fleet users the installation of refuelling points at its private facilities, which are already more than 350.

Thanks to its bi-fuel technology, these vehicles are equipped with two tanks, one with gasoline and one with propane, which are used interchangeably. It has the same features of a conventional vehicle, but its ride is smoother, quieter and with no vibration.