21 April 2022

Simply Safety 

WLPGA is committed to putting the safety message front and centre of our communications. This year we are launching a long-term safety advocacy programme starting this month.

28th April is UN's World Day for Safety and Health at Work, and what better day to start this campaign! The campaign will be content led with new thought leadership articles, testimonials from Safety Ambassadors around the world and inspiring safety stories. We will also leverage the significant library of Good Industry Practices documents which are packed with best practice advice from a range of issues from bulk road tanker management to consumer safety.

Join the WLPGA and our members in bringing health and safety to the fore in the LPG industry through this #SimplySafety awareness campaign. Connect with us on Twitter @WorldLPGAssoc and help spread the word on social media using #SimplySafety


The WLPGA supports and encourages a complete safety culture within the LPG industry.

You can see all the Good Industry Practice guidelines here (click on the blue box Guidelines). WLPGA also produces occasional focussed Safety Alerts to address critical topics such as cylinder valve removal and storage tank flaring, important issues dealt with in a one page alert.

Learn more about WLPGA's commitment to promoting LPG as a safe and efficient fuel, by visiting: