28 November 2022

SCHARR invests in BioLPG development

Press release for immediate release, 25th November 2022

SCHARR invests in BioLPG development

Stuttgart (Germany), Washington DC (United States) BioLPG LLC (Washington DC, United States) and Friedrich Scharr KG (Stuttgart, Germany) are pleased to announce that, on 21st November 2022, they signed a Research Funding and Collaboration Agreement for further development of the GTI Energy renewables-sourced, green LPG (“bioLPG”) Cool LPG technology and for preparation of bioLPG production at scale within the next few years.

The Scharr group has a strategic goal of contributing to decarbonization of German and European sourcing of vitally needed LPG. Rainer Scharr, Chairman and Managing Partner said “We at Friedrich Scharr KG have always recognized that our success is assured when the general welfare is assured. Germans and Germany want to advance the green transition that will preserve human welfare on the planet Earth. Proactive involvement in developing large-scale supplies of bioLPG is the responsible way for Friedrich Scharr KG to enable the LPG industry to support the necessary global green energy transition”.

BioLPG LLC and its UN-backed NGO affiliate, The Global LPG Partnership, have received an exclusive global license from GTI Energy to bring to market the GTI Energy Cool LPG technology that converts biogas into bioLPG, a 100% renewable liquid fuel for cooking, heating, and transportation. BioLPG LLC Chairman and former President of the LPG industry global association Kimball Chen said, “Our collaborations with leading LPG marketers such as Friedrich Scharr KG will accelerate the decarbonization of LPG, a fuel so important to the welfare of many hundreds of millions in both the developed and developing worlds”.

GTI Energy is the world-recognised, Chicago-based technology research organization that works with a global spectrum of partners to develop, scale and deploy energy solutions which improve lives, economies, and the environment.

Friedrich Scharr KG is a leading German multi-energy fuel distribution group, based in Stuttgart, Germany. It has been an LPG industry leader in Stuttgart and Europe for decades and takes an active role in the civic life of Stuttgart.

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FRIEDRICH SCHARR KG with its subsidiaries is one of the leading trading companies in the fields of mineral oil, liquefied gas, natural gas, electricity and biofuels in southern Germany since 140 years. Around 900 employees look after around 250,000 customers in private households, trade and industry with innovative products and services from all energy sectors. The family led Group had a turnover of approx. 871 million EURO. The company is headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany. Further information can be found on: