12 February 2014

Report from Colombia: WLPGA Summit Exceptional Energy for the Andes

The latest in the successful WLPGA Regional Summit series, Exceptional Energy for the Andes was the first regional summit the WLPGA has organised to cover the Andean countries, and the decision to hold the event here is a sign of the dynamism and growth taking place throughout the region.

Co-hosted by Ecopetrol, Colombia’s national integrated oil & gas company, and one of the top 40 oil companies in the world, the event took place in Cartagena, Colombia on 29th January 2014.

Featuring a keynote by the The Honourable Amylkar Acosta, Minister of Mines & Energy, Colombia, this one day event proved an exceptional success uniting some 330 participants from 27 countries.

The summit also included a round table covering subsidy regimes, a session overview of market conditions in Andean countries, a session covering Autogas in the Andes, and a final session on Innovations and Good practices for the Andes.  Coupled with a comprehensive international exhibition, showcasing a variety of international exhibitors, the event gave excellent networking and business opportunities.

The Summit was followed by a half day WLPGA Good Practices Workshop.  Some one hundred and fifty participants took the opportunity to learn about Good Business and Good Safety Practices, particularly related to LP Gas use in residential, commercial, industrial sectors and Autogas with a focus of course on regional case studies.

The WLPGA thanks all the sponsors for their tremendous support in making this regional summit an exceptional success.

And don’t just take our word for it, very positive words from satisfied sponsor Chuck Strawn who’s company Red Seal Measurement exhibited at the Summit:

“Last week’s event in Cartagena was amazing and exceeded all my expectations.  I arrived expecting to learn something about the Andean LPG market, and came away with a wealth of information to help our company plan and meet the demands of this important and growing market.  Additionally, we had a great time seeing our good friends and business associates in a very special location.  But the icing on the cake for us was coming home with firm orders to go to work on.  Thanks to Michael and staff for encouraging us to be there, and a hearty “well done” to all.”

Chuck Strawn, President, Red Seal Measurement