25 March 2013

Prins Autogassystemen wins INPRO Award 2013 for its VSI-2.0 at GasShow 2013

WLPGA congratulates member Prins Autogassystemen, based in the Netherlands, who have won the INPRO Award for their new autogassystem VSI-2.0 at the Europe’s biggest alternative fuel related trade show: GasShow in Warsaw Poland.

This alternative fuel system was presented last Wednesday and Thursday in the Porsche Panamera 4.8 liter V8 Turbo, direct injection, 500hp at the Prins stand in a DI version: VSI-2.0 DI LP Gas. The VSI-2.0 DI LP Gas system is especially made for the new Direct Injection engines that are known for their high power output. With this Prins VSI-2.0-DI system one can save fuel cost and reduce emissions like CO2 and particles drastically, without losing drivability and performance. Prins now not only has an award winning system based on liquid LP Gas technology (Direct LiquiMax systeem) but also on vapor LP Gas technology.

Angelique Berden, Marketing Manager of Prins Autogassystemen receives the INPRO award for the new VSI-2.0 alternative fuel system.

Prins demonstrated its latest products like VSI-2.0 for LP Gas and for CNG, Direct LiquiMax and Dieselblend 2.0 LP Gas and CNG. Prins is specialized in alternative fuel systems for 4, 6 , 8 and even 10 cylinder cars.

Bart van Aerle, CEO of Prins Autogassystemen: “it is our company goal to develop alternative fuel systems for a wide variety of vehicles and getting the best performance. Last September we won the “Automechanika Innovation award and the Green Directory award” for our Direct LiquiMax system. Now it is great to see we won an award for our new VSI-2.0 system.”

The VSI-2.0 system is an update of the popular Prins VSI system that is on the market for more than 10 years now. The main components of the system are all of OEM quality and can be used for LP Gas and for CNG applications. Following the strict regulations and safety standards, Prins made the system easy to install. With the updated diagnostic software, the system can be optimized for the best performance and emission reduction.