31 March 2015

Prins and Westport Award Winner at GasShow 2015

WLPGA member Prins Autogassystemen, a Westport company, have won the innovation award for its LPG Direct Injection technology.

Westport won the innovation award for its Heavy Duty Diesel Dual Fuel technology that makes it possible to replace a certain amount of diesel with LPG, CNG or LNG. This technology is being used worldwide in heavy duty vehicles up to EuroVI.

Bart van Aerle, CEO of Prins Autogassystemen: "we are very pleased to win again an award for our technologies. We work very close with our partners and with the group companies so we can offer the best of the best to our customers. The awards represent that our technologies are leading and innovative."




About the GasShow
The 6th edition of the International GasShow Exibition, accompanied by the Autoservice Expo 2015 took place on March 5 - 6 in the Warsaw International Expocentre EXPO XXI in Warsaw, Poland.



Together, they constitute the world’s biggest event within the LPG, CNG and LNG industry, as well as for companies specializing in offering products and services for auto service industry.

During this edition of the Expo nearly 200 companies from all over the world have presented their offer, the overall exposition floor has amounted to more than 7000 sqm. - and yet 7 thousand people have visited the event - among them not only professionals who install and service car gas systems on a daily basis, auto repair shop owners, designers and suppliers of auto gas fueling stations equipment, producers and distributors of fittings, devices and appliances for LPG, LNG and CNG - valves, regulators, cookers and other accessories, companies dealing in storing and transporting LPG, producers of containers, tanks, cisterns; but also individual, private visitors interested in the applications of LPG, LNG and CNG.

The visitors were able to enjoy a multitude of co-attractions: the Autogas Motor Show zone - in which importers and distributors of cars supporting LPG and CNG technologies presented their products - the above mentioned cars were displayed just outside the Expo floor. An aspect of utmost significance was the clearly visible level of technical progress in the offered solutions. The Methane Zone received a lot a lot of attention from the visitors. Besides this all, the conference “Global Market. Taking advantage of the opportunities” took place.   For the latest information on our DI or Westport Diesel Dual Fuel technologies, please contact us at