19 July 2016

Poten & Partners joins the WLPGA

Poten & Partners joined the WLPGA in June this year. They are a US-based company that has been providing brokerage and consulting services to the international oil, gas and shipping markets for over 75 years.

Poten and Partners are a team of experienced brokers, commercial and technical consultants, all of whom specialise in the energy and or ocean transportation industries.

Michael Panas heads the company’s NGL Consulting and Commercial Advisory division and is the WLPGA member focal point for Poten and Partners. In a recent interview with WLPGA Director David Tyler, Michael said:

‘…Poten and Partners are very pleased to have joined the WLPGA and we look forward to working more closely with the Association in the future years. There are few global markets that have undergone as much change in recent years as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Enormous growth in supply volumes from the United States, the Middle East and other regions has altered the traditional global trade routes and is leading to a transformation of the global petrochemicals sector. With decades of experience in this global market and a deep understanding of the technical and commercials dynamics of the LPG industry, Poten & Partners are uniquely positioned to help clients understand the rapidly changing NGL markets. We look forward to supporting the WLPGA and their members in continuing to develop the industry. One of the ways we would like to do this is by offering a 10% discount off the subscription to our flagship product, LPG in World Markets, which provides comprehensive information, analysis and data on the global LPG and LPG freight markets. The monthly report provides global coverage of LPG supply and demand, spot transactions, shipping fixtures and trends, petrochemical economics and monthly fundamentals data for the major LPG markets. Clients benefit from in-depth features and analysis on key issues affecting the industry, developments in the Middle East, Asia Pacific and the Americas. Subscribers also receive the LPG Yearbook, released in the second quarter of each year, which summarises and reviews the past year’s events…’

In addition, Poten is a leading provider of single client commercial advisory, consulting and brokerage services to the NGL (ethane, propane, butane and condensates) and seaborne transportation industries.

The WLPGA welcomes Poten and Partners as one of its latest members and looks forward to working with them in years to come.

For more details about becoming a member of WLPGA or to hear more about the offer from Poten & Partners contact Mrs Laurence Poret at