15 October 2019

PlasMerica Wins World LPG Association Innovation Award

Paris, 15th October 2019

PlasMerica Wins World LPG Association Innovation Award

Award recognises PlasMerica’s paper describing its innovative technology enabling the transformation of methane into environmentally renewable propane

The World LPG Association (WLPGA), the authoritative voice of the global LPG industry, announced that PlasMerica, an American company focused on transforming methane into renewable propane, has won its prestigious 2019 Innovation Award at the association’s Global Technology Conference. PlasMerica’s paper ‘Sustainable, renewable propane through energy transformation’ describes how their proprietary technology converts methane from a greenhouse gas into renewable LPG, a clean, environmentally sound non-greenhouse gas that helps address climate change.

“The highly prestigious WLPGA Global Innovation Award is given each year to the most outstanding paper submitted to the GTC,” said James Rockall, CEO, WLPGA. “The innovative new technology developed by PlasMerica addresses a subject of prime importance today to the LPG industry, which is the path towards renewable LPG, production of LPG from methane and eventually bioLPG from Biomethane.”
Dennis Manning and Jerry Pellizzon, PlasMerica’s founders, accepted the award. Said CEO Pellizzon, “Dennis and I are thrilled to accept this recognition. Our unique, innovative and game changing technology is sorely needed for our industry, the environment and helping to solve climate change. There is no other technology that can as efficiently and economically change a greenhouse gas into a non-greenhouse gas.” CTO Manning added that “Our technology yields superior energy efficiency when compared to other propagation processes such as Fischer-Tropsch.”

The WLPGA runs the GTC each year as an integral part of the World LPG Forum which regularly attracts over 2,000 attendees from every area of the LPG industry. GTC it is the only global event dedicated to technology and innovation in the LPG industry. Papers are submitted by companies and individuals worldwide; a subset are selected and showcased at the GTC and these enter the selection process for the Innovation Award. Ten papers are selected by a steering committee and a total of five awards are given.

As an indication of the importance of innovation and technology in the LPG industry, this year a total of five awards were given. The awards in the other categories are:

Safety: INERIS for ‘Numerical Simulation and Modelling of BLEVE Triggering on a Road Tanker’

LPG Applications: AGGREKO for ‘Change through Innovation: The Role of Technology in Encouraging the Use of LPG in Modular Power Generation’

LPG Operations & Logistics: SMART CYLINDERS for ‘Improving Logistics and Resource Efficiency by Use of IoT’

Autogas - Engines: CUMMINS INC for ‘LPG Direct Injection Engine for Medium Duty Trucks’ WLPGA warmly congratulates all winners for their outstanding contribution to innovation.

The World LPG Association promotes the use of LPG worldwide to foster a cleaner, healthier and more prosperous world and aims to add value to the industry sector through driving premium demand for LPG, while also promoting compliance with good business and safety practices.

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