01 April 2014

Petredec Opens Major LP Gas Terminal in Mauritius

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WLPGA member and Industry Council member Petredec celebrates the inauguration of a major new LP Gas terminal in Mauritius.


WLPGA, represented by Alison Abbott, WLPGA Communications Director, attended the inauguration of Petredec’s new LP Gas Terminal in Mauritius.

The Terminal was officially opened on 20th March 2014 by the Minister of Industry and Commerce for Mauritius, Mr Cader Sayed-Hossen, and followed by a reception at the stunning Chateau de Mon Desir in Balaclava.

Construction of the new terminal in Mer Rouge began in January 2012 and represents an investment of 42 million USD.  Much of the work went to local contractors and the terminal has been designed to industry best practice guidelines ensuring a maximum level of security and product safety.

Let to right:Chris Stedman welcomes the guests    Petredec Team and the Minister of Industry and Commerce, Cader Sayed-Hosse Nathalie Venis is the General Manager of Petredec Mauritius and stated that the project ‘will help Petredec supply the region  even more competitively’.

The facility is designed to supply not only Mauritius’ gas requirements but also to function as a re-export hub.  The jetty can accommodate the largest LP Gas carriers ever built, some of which have a capacity of 84,000 cubic metres. Klaus Gohra, director of Petredec Mauritius stated that with plans to re-export LP Gas to Eastern and Southern African markets, this terminal aims to transform Mauritius into a regional LP Gas hub.

The terminal is expected to be fully operational shortly and will be run completely by a Mauritian operations team.  The terminal consists of a mounded structure and will allow up to 15,000 tons of pressurised LP Gas.  It is estimated that one third of the product that is stocked will be used locally while the rest will be exported.

WLPGA is planning a full case study on this exciting project which will give an in depth look into the construction of this major facility.  The case study will be completed shortly. Petredec is one of the world’s largest independent LP Gas trading companies, delivering across five continents.