03 August 2018

Pertamina Tests the Market for Bright Gas 3 kg

Jakarta - Pertamina produces a new variant of LPG Bright Gas product, the 3 kg cylinder. This fuschia pink non-subsidized LPG product has started the market test in two cities, Jakarta and Surabaya, with 5,000 cylinders in total.

Vice President of Corporate Communications of Pertamina Adiatma Sardjito stated that this new variant has started the market test in Jakarta and Surabaya in early July 2018, as a follow up of similar market test which was conducted in November 2017 in Tangerang, Banten.

"This 3 Kg Bright Gas product provides an alternative choice for non-subsidized LPG consumers. With the new variant of LPG non subsidized 3 kg packaging, people have more choices of LPG Bright Gas in various packaging which are Bright Gas 12 kg, 5,5 kg, 3 kg and Can (220 gr).”

In Jakarta, Bright Gas 3 kg will be available at SPBU COCO Kuningan station, SPBU COCO Pondok Indah, SPBU COCO MT Haryono, SPBU COCO Lenteng Agung, Apartment Baywalk Pluit, Apartment Springhills Kemayoran, Apartment Gading Nias Kelapa Gading, Apartment Kalibata City, Apartment Green Rawamangun Scout, Apartment Tanjung Duren Mediterranean, and residential area of Pondok Indah Kebayoran Baru. Meanwhile in Surabaya, Bright Gas 3 kg will be sold in Pakuwon area. "The sales locations are adjusted to the existing conditions of the society, we see that people need to use non-subsidized LPG with packaging smaller than 5.5 kg," he added.

During this open market test, Bright Gas refill 3 kg will be sold for Rp 39.000,- / cylinder at non-subsidized LPG Agent (exclude postage), and Rp 42.000,- / cylinder at SPBU COCO. As for the initial cylinder (cylinder plus contents) Bright Gas 3 kg will be sold for Rp 184.000, - / cylinder at LPG Agent and Rp 187.000, - / cylinder at SPBU COCO. Pertamina also provides an opportunity to trade with the old variant cylinder, where consumers can simply exchange 1 cylinder of ELPIJI 3 kg and pay Rp 81,500, - in non-subsidized LPG Agent to get 1 cylinder of ready-to-use Bright Gas 3 kg; or Rp. 84,500, - at COCO SPBU.
Bright Gas 3 Kg comes with double valve technology (Double Spindle Valve System) which is safer to prevent LPG leakage. In addition, to maintain the quality and quantity of the contents of the cylinder, Bright Gas 3 kg is also equipped with hologram seals that cannot be falsified. If consumers receive a cylinder with a broken seal, they can return it immediately to any sales location. With safer and more practical cylinders, Bright Gas 3 kg comes to meet the needs of urban consumers with more dynamic lifestyle.


Media Contact
Adiatma Sardjito
VP Corporate Communication