26 January 2021

New WLPGA Members – NGL Strategy

“We are excited to become members of the WLPGA and join other key players of the LPG community. For a number of years, the LPG market has been in transition and with the recent global pandemic, the market has evolved yet again. As a member of the WLPGA, we look forward to being part of the worldwide mechanism to help enable many market players to steer their journey through these evolving times and prepare for the next phase.”

Michael Panas, Managing Partner, NGLStrategy




The WLPGA is delighted to welcome new members, NGLStrategy.

NGLStrategy was formed with a vision for providing independent analysis, reports, advice and consulting to the NGL and LPG industry. In a world that is flooded with information, NGLStrategy aims to provide a high-level view of the key factors and market determinants in the gas liquids sector, based on rigorous analysis and modelling.


Our experience spans a number of project areas and industries on a global basis. With offices in Houston and London and established relationships around the world we are able to provide a comprehensive understanding of the propane, butane and ethane markets. Our global view of the markets, backed by a thorough knowledge of local situations enables us to establish the relationship between regional LPG supply/demand and prices in concise reports, presentations and discussions. NGLStrategy personnel have over 180 years of combined experience in the gas liquids and petrochemicals industry with expertise spanning commercial, corporate planning, strategy, shipping, trading, plant economics, price forecasting and analytics.

Key Focus

With a multitude of different factors influencing the LPG market, our global presence positions NGLS to understand the key drivers for each LPG region allowing us to understand and explain where the next wave of LPG exports will be heading and how certain markets will/have evolved. From our reports, analysis, presentations, discussions, we help key industry personnel navigate the LPG market and provide company-specific advice on what to expect on the short (through our flagship quarterly report) and long term (to 2030 and beyond) for both propane and butane.

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