27 January 2021

New WLPGA Members – Sigma Cylinders

"When a group of passionate individuals, with an extraordinary set of skills and purposeful determination, work towards a common goal, the result is team success beyond their individual aspirations, and that's when dreams become reality." 

Jad Jaber, Operations Director / Partner, Sigma Cylinders


The WLPGA welcomes new members, Sigma Cylinders.

In 1998, a ground-breaking Lebanese dream was born, taking root in the historic Beqaa valley. Sigma Cylinders has since become one of the largest LPG cylinder manufacturers in the entire MENA region. With 22 years of experience under its belt and an ISO certified manufacturing process (ISO X 4) that complies with all norms and standards, Sigma Cylinders expanded to three additional locations, catering to the entire region with one of the biggest worldwide annual manufacturing capacities of 5,000,000 cylinders.

A team of highly qualified specialists from 17 different nationalities is at the heart of Sigma Cylinders’ success, determined to meet and exceed the highest benchmarks of quality, safety and environmental awareness, while continuously improving the client’s supply chain. The certified in-house lab serves for regular quality monitoring with highly reliable results, while a fully automated process ensures increased productivity, efficient use of materials, better product quality, and improved safety.

With a rigorous regard to quality, innovation and continuous growth, Sigma Cylinders believes it is setting an unprecedented standard in the industry.

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