27 January 2021

New WLPGA Members – Sigma Cylinders

"When a group of passionate individuals, with an extraordinary set of skills and purposeful determination, work towards a common goal, the result is team success beyond their individual aspirations, and that's when dreams become reality." 

Jad Jaber, CEO/Partner, Sigma Cylinders


The WLPGA welcomes new members, Sigma Cylinders.

Sigma Cylinders is one of the largest and fastest-growing LPG cylinder manufacturers in the Middle East and the African Continent.

With more than 23 years of experience and 4 ISO certifications in addition to our ability to comply with all norms and standards, Sigma Cylinders is found in four key locations: Lebanon, Iraq, Ghana and Ivory Coast. With employees from 17 different nationalities, we now boast one of the largest worldwide manufacturing capacities of 5,000,000 quality LPG cylinders per year.

At Sigma Cylinders we focus on providing a positive client experience while assisting in the shift towards clean energy and positively impacting our communities. This has been achieved by our decision to adopt a localisation strategy.

Localization is at the core of our business model resulting in social, economic, environmental and health impacts which are in line with government policies in most developing markets.

We have differentiated ourselves by disrupting the existing supply chain model for our clients and the end-users by providing more efficient solutions reflected in our competitive prices, exceptional lead time to delivery, availability, and aftersales services.

Moreover, on many occasions, we have helped local governments in reviewing and reinforcing the market norms and regulations for a better controlled and safe LPG cylinders market.

Sigma Cylinders is on a mission to help its communities access clean energy through affordable cylinders while maintaining a sustainable environment. We have conducted many initiatives to help our communities to increase the LPG cylinders safe usage through awareness campaigns.

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