11 March 2021

New WLPGA Member – Rawafd International

'Rawafd International Company was delighted to become a member of the WLPGA, we know this platform will give us a strong backbone for the business we are doing in Saudi Arabia for LPG projects. This also enables us to enhance the awareness about the safety for consumers across the country, which would definitely give the confidence to all of them with our organisation which ultimately relates to the industry’s core values of business.

We will also use this platform to enhance our team member’s knowledge and experience when they interact with this esteemed organisation, who will be sharing a great deal of documentation which will enable our team to raise awareness about the safety in LPG installations, which is accepted universally and thus improves the more effective solution.

Our team members also get a chance to attend the various summits on the LPG where they can benefit from this to improve their skill sets which leads to enhanced business.'

Mr. Abdullah S. bin Atif, CEO, Rawafd International


The WLPGA welcomes his new member: Rawafd International

Rawafd International is based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and has a vast experience for more than 37 years. Rawafd is MEP contractors for LPG and Fuel system installations across the country with a skilled teams assigned all over Saudi Arabia.

Rawafd International also supply various gadgets and equipment for these projects to other small contractors with SASO certification brand which is mandatory in this country.

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