12 March 2021

New WLPGA Member – Grupo Propagas


'Propagas Group is the leading company in the import and commercialisation of hydrocarbons in the Dominican Republic market; which motivates us permanently to continue analysing alternatives and solutions that allow us to be increasingly efficient in our processes, placing emphasis on the Safety of our personnel, facilities and promoting environmental care around the Island.

In that regards, we are sure that, being part of the most important LPG association in the world, we can constantly be aware of the trends in oil product handling, the best available technology and the relevant information that will help us in the development of our activities and in the improvement of our services. In addition, this will be a great opportunity to make known to the members of the association, and the public, our operations, services, and the commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, which is a fundamental part of our Institution. We are convinced that, the experience and knowledge from the WLPGA and its associates, will be of great knowledge growth for our technical staff, who will be able to access all the information and researches that becomes available to us, and at the same time, will constantly contribute to the learning and improving process of the company.'

Jaime Santana, CEO, Propagas Group


The WLPGA welcomes his new member: Propagas Group

Propagas Group is a holding company made up of five firms dedicated to the import, distribution and sales of fuels with headquarters offices located in the Dominican Republic, one of the Caribbean Islands best known for its breathtaking beaches, resorts and amazing golf courses.

The group develops it operations in the import, storage, and distribution of hydrocarbons, including Liquated Propane Gas (LPG), Diesel, Gasoline and Liquated Natural Gas (LNG); Coastal Petroleum Dominicana is one of the largest and most modern Fuel Import and Export terminal in the entire region, followed by PropaGas an LPG storage and Distribution Company working hand by hand with Nat-Gas, a division for the Liquated Natural Gas LNG. As well, white fuels are responsibility of DIPSA, Distribuidores Internacionales de Petróleo, in charge of the distribution of petroleum by-products, such as gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and fuel oil, for the industrial and retail segments; and across the distribution chain is Transporte de Gas (Trans-Gas), involved in the safe and reliable transportation of fuel throughout the island.

PropaGas, with more than five decades in the LPG sector, is the leading company with more than 30% market share. Through its more than 200 LPG Plants and a fleet management that exceeds a hundred of fuel transporting units, has become a pioneer in the commercialisation of oils products, offering its customers comprehensive solutions and excellent quality services, satisfying the needs of all industrial sectors and residencial as well. A great partner of national economy for industrial, commercial, tourism (hotels and restaurants), residential and ground transportation.