27 July 2016

Mr. and Mrs. Uezono of Koagas Nihon Co Celebrate Kanreki

Mr. Uezono, CEO of Koagas Nihon Co and Mrs. Uezono both celebrated their sixtieth birthdays on 16th July this year and invited around 150 relatives, friends and business associations to their Kanreki celebration party held in a magnificent hotel in Kagoshima.

The Japanese Kanreki celebration is the first in a series of very important longevity celebrations through the course of a life. Usually, relatives, and friends get together to celebrate the longevity of the people celebrating their sixtieth birthday that year.

In Japan the Kanreki is one of the most important celebratory occasions in life and one is encouraged to reflect on life so far and also look to the ‘second life in the future. At the beginning of the celebration party, Mr. Uezono took the opportunity to declare that he continues to further devote himself to the sustainable growth of the company.

Amongst many congratulatory addresses and telegrams was a video address from the staff at WLPGA, this also, to the surprise of many guests, highlighted the level of global activities undertaken by Koagas Nihon Co. The celebration also included a concert where Mr. Uezono impressed his guests by playing the first movement of Mozart’s Flute and Harp Concerto. Mr Uezono was joined on the stage by a violinist, a cellist, a harpist and three pianists, all established musicians in Japan. Mr. Uezono received acclaim for his exceptional performance.
WLPGA congratulates Mr. and Mrs. Uezono on their Kanreki celebration.

  1. Mr. and Mrs. Uezono celebrate KANREKI
  2. Mr. Rockall, Managing Director WLPGA sends a congratulatory message via video
  3. Mr. Uezono playing the flute together with other players