31 May 2016

Member Focus – Premier Fosters Australia Pty

WLPGA spoke to Geoffrey Sloanne Foster, CEO and Founder of Premier Fosters Australia Pty who gave an insight into his company and how his product can help bring about a safer industry.

Sloanne says that over 25% of the entire energy using sector will not have gas in their homes/areas as they have limited trust in it. If a product such as Gasfuse is fitted and people will may ver well feel far more secure and confident. For the 800 million users, safety is paramount.

In essence, this is a USD $15 billion dollar industry and Gasfuse is always seeking partners to help protect all the gas users. The concern of Premier Fosters Australia Pty is that the industry tends to view issues from the top down rather than ground up. Accordingly, few gas companies and appliance manufacturers try to improve safety for the gas user at their level, notably that women are generally the main individuals who take care of the family, by ensuring general safety and taking care of the cooking and heating tasks which of course use gas cylinders.

It is also generally women who receive and pay for the gas cylinders and who cook and heat for the family. Interestingly, when Thomas Edison really launched electricity industry he was were defiant in that safety must be at the ‘top of the mind’, and a ‘must have' protector on all systems and accordingly they invented the “electrical fuse” and later, protective circuit breakers. So similarly Gasfuse “the gas fuse” for gas users has been launched, like Edison’s electrical fuse.

Gasfuse acts like a circuit breaker ensuring only safety for gas users, around the world.

Gasfuse will:

  • Shut off the gas 100% if a regulator,hose or assembly were to break/burn or totally vent gas.
  • Act as a gas tester to ensure gas is not leaking before use. Which if unchecked it could cause an accident or just plain wasting gas and damaging the environment. Leakage is very prevalent and expensive.
  • Also it incorporates a flame shut off for the top of the cylinder area.
  • Has a gas gauge to indicate low gas supplies - very handy. Easy to install in seconds and use.
  • Incorporates money saving  function and will pay for itself.
  • The finely crafted product will last with proven excellence in manufacturing.
  • A no questions five year warranty.

Sloanne began working in the gas industry supplying gas for El Gas users in Sydney Australia and it was here that dealing with thousands of customers, he witnessed the necessity for having an invention such as Gasfuse. That is how Gasfuse was borne. Since then over two million units have sold in Australia and New Zealand.

Premier Fosters Australia Pty now have innovated a Gasfuse model for every country and have full gas approvals with Patents and Trademarks already in place.

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